A company of 5Xperts Canada

A company of 5Xperts Canada

Short-Term IT Resource Placement

Promptly address fluctuations in demand and shortages in the IT market by recruiting top candidates through our placement experts.

Contractual Placement for Production Peaks


Quick and Flexible Intervention

Is your project at a standstill? Our team commits to quickly introducing the missing IT talent you need for both short and long durations.


Precise Integration

Thanks to our extensive pool of qualified and experienced resources, our experts commit to providing you with candidates that best align with your needs in the shortest time possible.

Short-Term Placement with DevXperts

    Global Access to Talent

Benefit from an international network of IT experts, enriching your project with diverse skills and perspectives.

    Financial Efficiency

Enjoy significant reductions in operational expenses through outsourcing, thus optimizing your budget.

    Project Adaptability

 Our service offers unmatched flexibility, allowing dynamic adjustment of personnel as your needs evolve.

recrutement TI Tunisie

All Your IT Resource Needs at DevXperts


Programmer Analyst 


QA Analyst


Full Stack Developer


DevOps Engineer 


UX/UI Designer 


Expert Power BI

Expertise with PC SOFT Solutions

recrutement TI Tunisie

Discover how our mastery of PC Soft solutions, including WinDev, WebDev, and WinDev Mobile, can transform your IT projects. Thanks to our affiliation with the Canadian group 5Xperts, the official and exclusive distributor of PC SOFT products in Canada, and a dedicated team with 35 years of experience, we are capable of offering custom developments, seamless integrations, and technical support.uides et un support technique.

DevXperts: Your Partner in IT Recruitment

What our partners think of our team.


CTO at a startup in Lyon.

Thanks to 'DevXperts', we quickly integrated a qualified IT resource, who perfectly adapted to our team, making the process smooth and efficient.

Lise Gervais

Director of Human Resources - Cysca Technologies / Montreal

DevXperts team provides a very professional support service for the management and creation of social media content. An exceptional collaboration where distance and culture are not obstacles but strengths because they are true digital marketing specialists. I highly recommend this firm for your employer brand.

Marc Gelinas 

President, Jurismedia Inc. / Montreal

I would like to thank the team in Tunisia with whom we have been working for a year and a half now. We create financial software, a loan management software that is sold in 45 countries internationally. We have effective communication with the people in Tunisia; they are highly motivated to work with us. We give them challenges, and they meet them without any problems. We thank the entire team in Tunisia.


CEO of a company in Bordeaux.

For a profile that I would say is quite rare in the market 'Full Stack Angular/.NET', 'DevXperts' managed to present us with various suitable candidates within a few weeks, facilitating a technical test followed by a convincing trial period.Today, this resource is fully integrated and considered a full member of our team.

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